Pomopossums 11x14" Parchment Print

Cute, feisty, and furry, Pomopossums are an adorable hybrid of a Pomeranian dog and an opossum. Due to their energetic and curious nature, Pomopossums make excellent watchdogs and will alert their owner to anything out of the ordinary. Although they truly believe they are big and scary when defending themselves or their family, don’t count on them to actually do much other than bark a lot or flip over on their backs and foam at the mouth. The Pomopossum generally eats dog food but be sure to keep an eye on your garbage cans as they are known to be dirty garbage lovers.

• 8.5x11" high-quality laser print on Astroparche® aged velum
• Mounted inside an 11x14" black mat
• Packaged with a double thick backing board inside a protective plastic sleeve
• Hand signed by the artist
• Fits in any standard 11x14" frame